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Poop-Off Superior Stain & Odor Remover 16 oz

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Product Overview

Let's face it, there are thousands of stain and odor removers on the market. Each claim to work better than other brands. Whats interesting is that nearly all the products on the market contain blood enzymes or organic eating bacteria. Yes, they will clean stains but for odors caused by urine or feces they just cannot work. None of the name brands really can remove what they claim to remove. For twenty or more years they own the shelf spaces on store shelves. We as pet owners were faced with the same challenges when searching for a product that would remove dog urine from our carpets. Finally, we were faced with the fact that none of the products on the market would work. So, we figured out that we had to use a different approach. Thus was born Poop-Off Superior Stain and Odor Remover. Out cleans and removes odors & stains better because it contains more active enzymes than the three leading brands combined. We use targeted bacteria that require less product to remove the worst types odors and stains Works to remove all types of pet stains and associated odors on any hard or porous surface. Flow control brush helps to bring carpets back to their natural color. Safe to use on all brands and fabrics of carpeting. This is not a pet bird cage cleaner. Use Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover for in home use.

Product Details

Unlike enzyme based cleaners, this product is formulated to target human and pet urine. It will remove pheromones, the sticky mucous left in dog marking and get out the toughest stains and odors. Once you apply the product, Do-Not reapply before two weeks. Adding more product before two weeks will stop the product from digesting the problems you are attempting to remove. If after two weeks the problem still exist than you need to get the liquid to the Nature’s Miracle ® made by Pet’s n People and Simple Solution ® made by The Bramton Company, are two products that dominate store sales of stain and odor removing products in American petstores and mail order catalogs. The products are so recommended that top to bottom high visibility end caps display every size made of these two brands. Today, both of these companies repackage their products to sell directly to cat owners as well as the dog owner. You can find, “Just for Cats,” and “Cat Spray & Urine Odor Remover,” next to their old faithful. Since, other pet products companies direct market to species of pets, these two icons began to make products directed at cats and dogs, both of these companies have altered their twenty-three year long marketing strategies to capture lost sales.

Twenty-three years ago the consumer had to mix their own product from concentrates and in their own containers, when they returned home from petstores. This was the standard way to buy stain and odor products for pet stains. Then, along came Pet’s n People and a novel idea. Premix liquid enzymes/bacteria with water rather then powdered enzymes found in boxes and bags or liquid concentrates as were sold in petstores and sell them ready to use. Come up with a clever name, drop bacteria from the ingredients and call them “Nature’s enzymes,” and you will have a winner. And what a winner was created and marketed. Joe Weiss the founder of Pet’s n People offered petstores a wonderful way to get his product on their shelves. Buy a case and get a second case for free. With new stores opening up weekly by the major chains as well as small mom and pop, Nature’s Miracle ® gained a large area of shelf space. Today, twenty-three years later it is the standard in recommended products. The Bramton Company and other pet stain and odor companies quickly lost their market share and has never really recovered from its lack of understanding what store owners/managers and the public wanted.

So, what is inside these miracle products?

What makes them so wonderful? Why do petstore helpers recommend these products over all others? The answers lie in what petstore helpers have been told by the manufacturers and their store owners/managers about these products. “Nature’s enzymes are little microscopic eaters that digest organic matter and remove them just like nature does with leaves and dead things.” “All you have to do is pour these wonderful liquids into carpet or floors and let the enzymes work their magic. If after a few days or weeks the odors are not gone, then you have to use more liquid because you did not get to the source of the problem. Somewhere under your carpet lies dried or fresh urine and the nature’s enzymes did not find them. Keep the area wet for up to two weeks and all your odors will be gone. And if after two weeks the problem stills exist then repeat the process again.” The solution to the urine odor problem is always the same. If the product did not work, its because you did not use enough liquid or it did not find the cause of the problem. Use more liquid! Use More Liquid!

Twenty-three years ago we did not have forth and fifth generation carpet as found currently in nearly 70 percent of the homes in the United States and Canada. Carpet was made much different in the 1980's then it is made today. Even the padding was made differently back when Nature’s Miracle ® and Simple Solution ® were formulated. Pour these two wonderful products on carpet before Dupont ® made stain resistant fibers and liquid retardant backing, and just as the manufacturers said, the stains and odors would be gone. The padding twenty-three years ago resisted absorption. Liquids would stick to the carpet fibers, the urine stains and lie between the jute backing of carpet and the plastic coating of the padding. The enzymes had little area to go and thus could perform their digestion and eliminate the problems causing odors. Carpet fibers were not treated with plastic or Teflon ® coating as they are today. Glues and bonding agents to block liquids from penetrating into the back of carpet and pad was not invented. Today, all products have to be reformulated to stick to the non stick fibers and backing materials for the liquids to have any chance to work before they dry out.

So, what has changed over the last twenty-three years? Neither company has altered their formulas much. Both use liquid enzymes, water, Isopropyl Alcohol and fragrance. The enzyme count is approximately seven-hundred-fifty-million enzymes per gallon (750 million). Or approximately one-hundred-eighty-eight million per quart (188 million). Approximately 5 percent Isopropyl alcohol is added to prevent Salmonella growth inside the bottle. The side effect of adding the Isopropyl alcohol is that it acts as a drying agent after the products hit the air when applied. The products can dry out faster at the surface and prevent the enzymes from living long enough to digest the problems causing the odors. The Bramton Company does make more concentrated formulas and markets them under different names. It’s Simple Solution ® product is not the latest technology as some of its other products seem to be.

All the new products made by Pet’s n People on the shelves of petstores use the same formulation from twenty-three years ago. The old saying goes, “If it’s not broken, why fix it?” Wow, 750 million enzymes per gallon. That sounds like a lot of little eaters. Twenty-three years ago, and before fifth generation carpeting it was.

What does this information mean?

Well, it means with forth and fifth generation carpeting in 2003, you would need twenty-five to fifty gallons of Nature’s Miracle ® and Simple Solution ® to do the job that one gallon did twenty-three years ago. One little area of carpet where a cat or puppies have urinated over and over again would require fifty gallons of their enzymes to remove the urine from the back of carpet, padding and floor. What you will likely be left with afterwards is mold and mildew saturated inside the carpet backing and padding. This will occur because fifth generation carpeting does not breathe like the carpet from twenty-three years ago and will be a breeding ground for mildew and mold. When you leave the formulations with Isopropyl Alcohol for two weeks wet, you will possibly get rid of the urine but be left with mildew and mold under the carpet and inside the pad.

If this information is known why do petstores continue to sell these two products? It’s a matter of dollars and cents. And it’s a matter of what product the distributor sales people and store personnel automatically reorder. It’s just too easy for a sales person to reorder Nature’s Miracle ® and Simple Solution ® . They have no real motivation or reason to recommend newer products. Newer products may not have the reorder potential and be just too effective to get repeat business. The facts are simple: Nature’s Miracle ® and Simple Solution ® work so well, you have to buy them over and over again. Petstore owners and corporate financial officers know down to the penny how much money they made. Most know how much profit the stores bring in monthly by selling Nature’s Miracle ® or Simple Solution ®. Store owners state they cannot take the risk selling a better, more effective product in fear that they cannot pay their rents. Nature’s Miracle ® in some stores can garner 10 to 50 percent of their monthly lease payments. These owner’s use the more effective products they can buy at home to rid their odors and stains, while selling the tried and true products in their stores. If I were a store owner, I too would likely stay with the product that pays my rent.

When was the last time a petstore owner was sued for selling Nature’s Miracle ® or Simple Solution ® ? When a carpet installer comes to a home and rips up the old, mildew and mold filled carpet and pad, who would ever guess the problem was caused by the products they purchased at their local petstore and used to remove urine pet accidents? They don’t!

It only takes the human nose three days to become accustomed to a scent or odor. Humans do not smell the scents in their home, so they assume they’re gone. It’s easy to be in the business of selling stain and odor products. Nearly everybody believes the problems are gone and the product they purchased worked. Its only after side by side comparisons of results and smelling directly over the carpet does anyone really realize what they have been buying for years at their petstore does not work very well.

Take a carpet stain. On one side you use Nature’s Miracle ® and the other another brand. You apply the two side by side and see which one removes more stains. Few customers ever do this test. If they did, they would know which product truly works better for stains.

Every year pet trade shows have a new product or more displayed for stains and odor removal. The products are touted to be better then Nature’s Miracle ® or Simple Solution ®. Some petstores buy the new products once or twice and the following year at the trade show the new company is gone. In the stores the distributor sales rep replaces the shelf space with Nature’s Miracle ® or Simple Solution ®. Soon, no one recalls the name of the product that sold out and customers raved about. Since few complain about Nature’s Miracle ® or Simple Solution ® nobody cares, what was on the shelf before. Only those customers that will not buy Nature’s Miracle ® or Simple Solution ® wait patiently for a new product to arrive to try. If stores do not bring in new products, then sales are lost for those customers that will not buy the name brands again.

Store sales helpers rave about Nature’s Miracle ® and Simple Solution ®. They use it at home on their own pet accidents. So, they know it is a good product. How, can a new manufacturer compete against this comment? They cannot! That is why few stain and odor newcomers ever have a long term or even first time store shelf chance in petstores. “If it’s not broken why fix it?”

Many individuals who have pets that urinate constantly and a few companies want to fix the problem. Fifth-generation carpeting and padding require a different formulation to make a permanent fix. Many companies have searched out a fix and found what they consider to be solutions. Solutions come from fruit extracts (enzymes) , yeast, color safe bleach (Oxyclean ®), industrial chemicals (butyl & Isopropyl Alcohol), detergents, oranges (oil), enzymes, bacteria, and bacteria/enzyme blends. Chemists have found all different alternatives for the removal of urine and stains. Some work better then others, while some just don’t work at all. The claims made stretch from the fantastic to the easy to believe. Manufacturers will tell you the story of one satisfied customer after another. They will tell you why their product is so good. Anything to get you to try it. Oxyclean ® is the latest craze. It uses powdered color safe bleach that has been around for thirty years and longer. Its claim to fame is that it bubbles when added to water and has the world believing it is the cure all to end all. Now, companies are jumping on the media blitz and creating their own knock offs. And along with the claims comes the promotion that the product removes stains and odors better then anything else. Color safe bleach works wonderfully on Berber Carpet and a few fabrics . On stain resistant nylon carpet its value is just a step above water. It has no effect on urine odors.

“Just pour the liquid into the carpet,” claims one company. “Wait five minutes and vacuum up the foam.” Urine and stains are gone forever. Another company says, “First microwave our wonder liquid, then pour it into the carpet. It will work its way to the floor and within two minutes it will come back up to the surface. Instantly your urine and odors are gone. It even extracts the pheromone in the urine!” A few purchasing agents buy this tripe. Those that are willing to try something new, have no unbiased testing to critique and must go along with the claims of the manufacturers that pay for expensive trade show space or run full page adds in trade publications. Again, the consumer and purchasing agents buys these products believing they will work. Some work better then others, but in nearly all circumstances, fifth-generation carpeting makes these claims, BOGUS CLAIMS! They just cannot work as advertised because the padding and carpeting structure prevent them from working against gravity. What goes down either stays down, for it cannot go back up through fifth generation carpet manufacturing processes.

Then you have a very few number of companies that use enzymes with higher concentrations of bacteria per gallon. Newer accepted guidelines have raised the level from 750 million enzymes per gallon developed in the 1980's, to well over 300 billion per gallon today. Put 700 million eating enzymes to work and sure in time some urine will vanish. Put 300 billion to work in the same area and very quickly the problem is gone. Add a few extra enzymes to the mix and you have even better results. Now add deterrents, surfactant, penetrates and treated fragrances’ and results are even more impressive.

You have a price point that puts these newer products above the cost of Nature’ Miracle ® and Simple Solution ® . In some case’s 30 to 100 percent higher at the retail level. Some purchasing agents will tell you the customer will not pay the higher price. The proof is that consumers will pay anything as long as the product truly works. If store helpers only recommend the lower cost products, then the customer has no idea what they could have purchased for a few dollars more that would have corrected their problem. Will all customers return to a store after buying a product that did not work? Some will, and many more are not returning.

Test, test the products to make certain they truly work. If a kitten or grown cat is urinating outside the litter box, then apply the liquid and wait. If the animal returns to the spot and urinates, you know the product failed. When a liquid is applied and the feline goes back to the litter box, then you know you have something that works. Get on your hands and knees and sniff the carpet and flooring after treatments. Wait a few days and sniff. If you smell urine then the product has failed. Don’t just use more, find a product that works.

Pets that lose the scent of where they are too potty, need to have the bad scent removed before they will understand where to go potty. Urine stain and odor products do not have the power to remove the sticky mucous left in urine accidents. This sticky mucous has a scent that the pet smells. They smell the scent and believe it is the spot to go potty. Remove the scent and the pet will not return. Few products have been formulated to address this problem. Those that do work cost more to manufacture and thus must cost more to the consumer. Consumers have proven that they will pay anything for a product that works to solve their problems.

Liquids that require days and weeks to work are not fifth-generation carpeting manufacturer approved. Products that contain Isopropyl alcohol are not approved by the carpet manufacturers, because it will dissolve the backing of carpet and damage padding. You have to use products that work in seven hours or less. These products are available. You just have to look for them.

Many manufacturers that lose business to the newer products, change their wording on their products, without changing their formulas. It’s very easy to just say your product works in these places. Chemists are hired to formulate new mixtures, using components that may not work or be safe around all pets. The pet industry has little governmental restrictions, thus allowing manufacturers to do whatever it takes to sell their products. Exceptional products are on the market. You just have to look harder to find them.

When you hear somebody, say, “You did not use enough product!”

RUN . . . and find a product that works without this statement given to you by the manufacturer or store helpers when the product failed.

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