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Our company began in the late eighties as a formulator of custom pet products to local pet stores in the San Diego, California area. Calling on pet stores allowed us to see what products on store shelves sold well and what products had a high return rate. We were always interested in the large number of products in the stain and odor area that were returned by the consumer. Our employees owned pets and at weekly meetings we discussed products that worked well and those that failed.

We added new products we formulated to our line as we found great results after testing and testing them in real time ways. Then, after finding a lack of support by many manufacturers whose lines we represented, we began to investigate a new course. That course was to sell our formulated products. Rather than just call chemical companies or hire chemists to formulate products. We started a testing of the products already offered for sale to determine what worked and what did not.

After five years of double blind testing, we knew what the truth was in the stain and odor market. Nearly all the companies use the same ingredients that were never intended for use on pet urine.

Products that have been on the market for thirty plus years and are the number one selling products in the pet industry do not work. They have what we now know is known at the "Placebo Effect." Consumers in their mind, noses and hearts believe they work. Reality is that pet urine and odors and marking scent still exist after the use of these products. Stains do go away with most of these products, leading the consumer to assume that the odors and urine are also gone.

It is the intent of our company that this change. We manufacture the most effective stain & odor removers now on the market.

Life's Great Products, LLC., is the formulator, tester, researcher, trademark owner and manufacturer of Poop-Off, AUF and Dumb Cat Brand Products. Our innovative products are tested in double-blind scientific testing to be the most effective and safest products available in their category. We proudly private label products for many well known companies.

You can find our products in thousands of bird stores, pet stores, mailed catalogues, veterinarians, janitorial supply houses, and the Internet.

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The Life's Great Products, LLC. Employees and Management


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