Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  I cannot find Poop-Off Anywhere Wipes.  What is going on?

ANSWER:  They are a victim of the China Tariffs.  With all the addon cost above the Tariff amount it is impossible to make a profit and we were forced to discontinue the product.

QUESTION: How are your dog and cat products different from the other stain and odor products on the market?

ANSWER: Our products use the latest in safe bacterium’s technology. These are safe Bacteria that are non-toxic and biodegradable. You can get them on your body and they will cause no harm. These are microscopic sized bacteria that are genetically engineered to work for specific applications. This technology has been around for more than thirty years and has been proven to be safe around, children, pets, wild animals, animals and adults. We use over 300 Billion per gallon of safe bacteria that target specific components in urine. There are five main components in urine that are nearly impossible to remove with formulas other than what we manufacture, so we use five bacteria that each target one of these components: urine, marking scent, sticky mucous, pheromone and uric acid. Each billions of bacterium targets one of these main components and removes it from the substrate (carpet, floors etc.) it has attached itself. The safe bacteria eat, process the component until it is gone. Then the bacteria go dormant for up to two years waiting for a component it targets to reappear.

Nearly all the companies that manufacture stain and odor products use organic eating bacteria and do not use targeted bacteria. Their products eat only organic matter and run out of digesting action long before they get rid of all the problem components. That is why you have to keep using them over and over again. To the best of our knowledge, we are the only company that uses targeted bacteria and not over the counter organic matter eating bacteria or blood, oil, grease and fat enzymes. One bottle of our products has more cleaning power than three hundred bottles of the name brands in each category it is sold in! 

QUESTION: 1. What brands should our store not carry? Why?

ANSWER:  Any stain and odor product that says it works in ten minutes or less to remove urine and odors.  Any product that causes mold and mildew spore growth under the carpet and on top of padding.  Nearly all natures’ based or natural manmade enzyme or organic digesting products will allow mold and mildew growth after its application if the area stays wet.  This is the dirty little secret of enzymes.  Enzymes are slicers not digesters.  Enzymatic bases cleaners that  dominate on store shelves slice and then digesters made to work with the digesters and on the issues.  These products are all marketing.  After fifty years still no evidence any Enzymatic cleaner actually remove even one ounce of urine.

As of the middle of 2016 there are over thirteen-thousand-five-hundred stain and odor removers on the market worldwide.  They all claim to be the best on the market.  What’s interesting is that ninety-nine percent of them use chemistry/formulas that were never intended for use on animal urine.  The term “implied results” is why this category grows by five hundred new products every year.  If it comes with a money back guarantee, then it must work!  If it is cheaper than Nature’s Miracle then it should sell just as well.

The two main stain and odor companies own history tells why their products have been sold under an umbrella of stretching the truth as to what their products can do to remove pet urine issue.  (See Modern day history of Stain and Odor Products on our website for AUF

Simple Solution and Nature’s Miracle the two main brands sold in pet stores in the United States claim to work in ten minutes or less with nearly all of their products.  Based on their chemistry/formulas this feat is nearly impossible.  Whether they use enzymes, bacteria or Orange and oxy agents, ten minutes is not enough time for the products digesting or cleaning components to come active and remove urine or its byproducts.  Our dog product AUF uses the latest in Bio technology and contains three hundred times more digesters then the name brands and it could never work in ten minutes or less to remove urine or odors.  These ten minute or less companies are addressing what customers want to hear.  Knowing fair well that their products cannot work per their label instructions.  Urine odors caused by, dried urea crystals, urine, Pheromones, proteins and sticky mucous can never be removed by any product in ten minutes or less.  When a customer follows their label directions, the product is guaranteed to fail.

Fresh animal urine is water soluble.  Plain water will dilute the urine and reduce its ammonia smells until it dries.  Dried urine is a completely different compound.  Urine salts, uric acid, marking mucous becomes nearly impossible to remove with over the counter cleaning solutions.

Modern day carpet manufacturing processes make removing urine in the manner as printed on the ninety-nine percent of product bottles impossible.  Dried urine is one of the most difficult substances on earth to remove. Liquid enzymes, organic eating bacteria or color safe bleach (Oxy)  just does not have enough punch to remove dog urine.  Calling an enzyme product extreme, advanced, powerful, Urine Destroyer, super concentrated, miracle, nature’s answer, the best, the most effective just does not stand up to the reality that these chemistries do nothing to remove urine and the odors they cause.  These types of products never worked when introduced more than thirty years ago and still fail to work today.  After their use they create an unhealthy environment for pets and people.  Every time carpet is stepped on it will release into the air micro spores of mold and mildew and this enters pets, and humans lungs.

Both Bramton’s Simple Solution and Eight and One’s Nature’s Miracle stain and odor products prior to 2003-05, stated to keep the area wet for two weeks after application.  After 2005, the instructions changed to five minutes before blotting up the product.  You should ask these companies what they did to the product that makes it work in five minutes now instead of two weeks?  Did they add a magic miracle additive?  Did somebody bless the product and give it simple and amazing capabilities?  Now nearly all products sold in pet stores say they work in ten minutes or less.

All products that contain enzymes and bacteria require the pH level to reach a point for the dormant state of the digesters to come active.  Less than ten minutes for guaranteed results is just a full out pandering to the customer.
Humans have five million smell cells.  Dogs have more than three hundred million smell cells.  Long after humans believe odors are gone, dogs still smell urine and continue to urinate because of scent confusion.  Dog urine is sticky.  It is this sticky substance that stays on fire hydrants even after a heavy rain.  Even power washing does not remove the sticky substance in dog urine.

A few pet stains can be removed in ten minutes or less on carpet or flooring.  This depends on the cause of the stain. Just because a product can remove stains, does not mean it works to remove urine and odors.  Every company claims to have millions of satisfied users and a spiffy slogan.  Yet when put to a scientific study, less than tenth of one percent of products made in the pet stain and odor categories actually work removing urine and odors!

QUESTION:  Our cat has stopped using the litterbox.  Will Dumb Cat get it back? 

ANSWER: Cats stop using the litter box for three reasons.  1.  They have a medical issue.  2.  They have a behavioral issue.  3.  They have scent confusion.  

You should first take the cat to a veterinarian for examination to rule out health issue.  If the issue is behavioral then you must retrain the cat to use the litter box while you are correcting the reasons why it has changed its behavior.  What has changed?  Did you add a new pet?  Is a family member gone from the home?  Did you get new furniture, carpet or change the litter box?  Did you buy a new type of litter?  Is there household stress?  You have to figure out for yourself what is causing the behavioral change.  Dumb Cat cannot correct behavioral issues.  It is a retraining aid and will remove the accidents and eliminate scent confusion.  Scent confusion is a major cause of cats not using the litter box.  You have to remove the marking scent or cats will continue to smell the scent of urine and repeat over and over again.  You must find all the spots where the cat pee'd.  Purchase an LED blacklight as they work to find accidents.  Treat the spots with Dumb Cat while you retrain the cat to use the litter box.  Place them in a hard surface room with a litter box, food, water and toys.  Play with them daily while you treat the urine spots.  When the cat is back using the litter box, normally a week or two, then you can let it back out and Dumb Cat will have removed all traces of urine and marking scents.  If you cannot retrain in a separate room then use plastic paint tarps over all treated areas to prevent the cat from resoiling the area while Dumb Cat is working.  If the cat is left to go back to the spot, it will pee again and Dumb Cat will stop digesting the old urine and begin to eat the new.   

QUESTION:  Can you tell me what the secret magical ingredients that make Dumb Cat work so well?

ANSWER:  LGP invested seven years of research time developing the formula for Dumb Cat. It is the only product that is made that actually works getting cats back to the litter box because of scent or behavioral issues. And many believe it’s the best cat urine remover made. Like the formula for Coca Cola it is top secret and locked in a vault. We have no reason other than what is voluntarily stated on the bottles ingredients to divulge our inner secrets to success. It is a perfectly safe mixture around pets and people. In fact, it can be classified a “Natural” product as it contains no solvents or harmful ingredients. 

Over the years I have found the really big guys using our label to promote their same old products as being able to do what Dumb Cat is proven to do. They do this just to recapture the sales lost to Dumb Cat. The pet owner tries their stuff and of course it does not work. Before we made Dumb Cat we were cat owners suffering with a cat that only peed in a corner and would not use it’s litterbox. This is why we created the product and will not divulge the magic and why it really works.

QUESTION: What is the story with all the home remedies to remove urine?

ANSWER:  We have spent nearly ten years developing a product to remove cat urine and marking mucous.  I am depressed when I find a website promoting a product or home remedy for cat and dog urine that does not work.  We have done double blind testing of products to remove cat and dog urine.  We tried the home remedies with white vinegar, baking soda and other grocery store items and under a high gain microscope we evaluated whether this approach worked or not.  The home remedies clearly failed.

First off.  These liquids slide right off cat urine.  It’s like pouring water on a marble.  It did not stick to urine on the microscope slide.  It’s what we call, “The Placebo Effect.”  Nature’s Miracle is the number one selling stain and odor remover in the pet market.  In double blind testing it fails. People want to believe it works, so in their mind and referrals from  friends and blogs it remains a top seller.  Actually what is inside nearly every brand of pet stain and odor remover are ingredients never intended to be used on urine.

Our products, are the most effective animal urine removers available.  They are the only products that contain a blend of five animal urine targeting bacteria.  They digest all five components that are found in urine deposits.  In double blind testing they stick to urine and allow the bacteria to do its work.  They are products proven to get cats back to using their litter box and dogs peeing in the right place.

QUESTION: We have a dog that has stained our carpet. I am concerned about the padding, floors and carpet. Will your products remove the old dried in stains and what will it do for the odors still emitted from the floor?

ANSWER: Pet Urine that has dried will bond itself to anything it comes in contact with. This will include the floor base, whether concrete, wood or other materials. Carpet padding can soak up urine and the liquid will dry inside and on top and the find the bottom of padding. Our urine removing products are made with a safe bacteria that will safely digest old and fresh urine until it is gone. Depending on the severity of the problem will determine whether re-treatment will be necessary. Wait at least five days or longer before re-applying liquid. Follow the instructions on the bottle before using. Use Poop-Off Superior Stain & Odor Remover or AUF for dog issues before you use other types of products or have your carpet professionally cleaned. 

QUESTION: My dogs have been peeing on the carpet a lot and I have tried many cleaners and shampooing the carpet, but to no avail. The carpet still smells really strong of urine. I used an enzyme based cleaner once before and when I got it, the bottle said that if soap or cleaners had been used on the carpet, it could make the product ineffective. Is this true with your product and do you have any type of money-back guarantee if the urine smell remains? Also, the urine smell has been set in for many months and I am sure it is deep into the padding and floor underneath. How much of your product should I expect to need for this problem? The main area they have gone pee in is the upstairs-an area about 10 feet wide by 20 feet long. Thank you

ANSWER: First thing first. Dogs that pee on carpet are not housebroken. Whether they are still puppies or full-grown dogs. You must retrain them to not go in the house. Start from scratch with our housebreaking page on our site and train them to be housebroken. The area you are trying to cover is very large. Yes, the urine is deep down in the padding and possibly the flooring. Purchase a LED Black light to find accidents inside the home. Where it glows is urine. Outline the spot with small pieces of paper. Then, pull up the corner of the carpet and look to see what you see underneath. If the padding and backside of the carpet are dark, you have urine problems that will not be cured by any product.

My recommendation is simple: Pray that none of the products you used have changed the molecular structure of the urine and make it impossible for any product to now remove the bonded urine.  Pull out the carpet and padding. Purchase two gallons of AUF and treat the flooring.   Use an LED Black light and it will show you where the urine reached the flooring. Saturate the area with our product and let it work. DO NOT WIPE IT UP! Do not use other products while it is getting rid of the urine crystals and sticky mucous that remains in the flooring.  A garden sprayer works well to dispense the liquid over a large area. Wait at least five-seven days before spraying again.

Do not have new padding or carpet placed down until you treat the flooring and the side of the walls. Remove the old tack strip before treatment. Carpet cleaning detergent reactivates urine, dissolves urine crystals and makes’ all new smells. That is why you cannot get rid of the smells. Go to a carpet store and buy new padding and carpet. Crate train the dogs as mentioned on our site. If you are retraining them correctly, they will not have accidents in your home. If replacing the carpet is not possible, then I would say five gallons of our product may do the trick. It can be used after using all the really terrible products on the market. The problem with enzyme-based products is they do not use enough enzymes or the right type of enzyme. That is why they do not work.

So, with a garden sprayer, lift up the carpet off its tack strip and spray the heck out of the padding and the back of the carpet. Let it sit and the Poop-Off will do its job. Do not respray for at least a week. Use the Black light and see if the padding and the back of the carpet glows. If not, then you know the urine crystals are gone. If they glow, then retreat with Poop-Off. Do not respray before a week or this will cause the bacteria we use to eat the new spray and stop eating the urine.

Buy or rent a carpet knee-kick re-stretcher and place the carpet back down. You might find a carpet installer to put the carpet back down. I recommend new tack strip; since urine will soak inside the strip and be harder to remove. Our company started by Carpet folks that saw what pet urine was like under the carpet after being cleaned by professional carpet cleaners and the national brands of stain and odor products. What we make is the only products on the market that truly work, if used according to directions. We do guarantee all our products when used according to the directions on the bottle.

QUESTION: We have beige carpet and after using your product to remove a small urine stain our carpet color has changed.

ANSWER: Nothing in our product can change the color of carpet. What you see is our product returned your carpet to its original color by removing soil and other matter that caused the carpet to be dirty in that spot. Urine can bleach or dye beige fibers if left on too long. Once the carpet has been dyed, only dying the fiber again can return it back to normal. We recommend you clean your carpet and you should have it back to its natural color. Not all carpet cleaners use professional grade cleaners, which is why after a carpet cleaning or spotting, most carpets return to a dirty look when the carpet is dry. You can use a gallon of our product to clean your carpets and the results will have you smiling in glee.

QUESTION: Our cat has been urinating on our furniture and floors. Will your products remove the stains and odors?

ANSWER: As long as the furniture and flooring is water color-safe Dumb Cat Anti-Marking Spray will safely remove the odors, urine and stains from your furniture. Make certain you follow the directions on the bottle. All the urine inside the padding of the furniture will be safely digested and vanish. Use the sprayer to fine mist the furniture as needed to control odors. Once a cat has an accident, you must remove the marking scent that is causing litter box confusion. This scent remains in a sticky mucous that bonds itself with fabrics, padding and wood substrates etc. Unless you get out the sticky mucous that contains the scent, the cat will continue to have scent confusion. Dumb Cat is the only product that removes the sticky mucous. Over the counter stain and odor products only attack the urine and stains and have no effect on the sticky mucous. This is why cat owners stop using most products and give up in utter frustration. Dumb Cat works when you stop using the name brand products that take your money and do not work. 

QUESTON:  My 8 year old neutured cat recently starting marking after we rescued a young female cat.  I found her a home and cleaned all of the spots he had marked and applied the dumb cat.  He has only marked a few times since she has been gone.  Do you have any other hints or suggestions.  I hope he will stop completely. 

ANSWER:  Time is all that it will take to get the home cat back to normal.  After applying Dumb Cat you should cover it with plastic or another material that will resist fresh urine.  It will take time for the product to digest all the marking.  If the urine has gone down into the padding, you have to get the product to the source of the urine.  A turkey baster made with a metal needle works best.  They are available in most kitchen shops or our website.  

I would also recommend a complete cleaning of litterbox and any fabric the two cats used.  Spray with Dumb Cat and let it air dry.  If you have not used a black light to find all the urine, then you should invest in one.

QUESTION: I have used almost 2/3 of a bottle of Dumb Cat (a 32 oz bottle) and it's NOT keeping my cat from peeing on the floor. He continually goes in the same spot even after we have sprayed this. We've tried different litter, different litter boxes, putting the litter boxes in different areas, and we've even taken him to the vet to rule out a health problem. Your bottle states that satisfaction is guaranteed or your money back - how do I go about doing that?  

ANSWER:  We take pride in solving all cat issues.  You need to retrain the cat away from the area that you treat with Dumb Cat.  A bathroom with a non carpet floor is best.  Place the litter box, food, water and cat toys in the room.  Two weeks is usually necessary to retrain the cat and treat the area with Dumb Cat.  If the cat is not using the litter box, then you need to try a different litter.  Dumb Cat cannot correct behavioral issues.  It will remove urine and help with scent confusion.  The product is not a deterrent as you expect it to be.

After applying the product you should cover it with foil, plastic drop cloth or a non absorbent covering to prevent the cat from going back to the spot while the product digests the urine and marking scents.  Allowing the cat to return prevents the product from working as you have discovered.  You do not spray the product again for at least seven to ten days.  If you reapply before this time the product will stop working and digest the fresh product you sprayed. You need to follow the directions on the bottle for results.  Don't assume it will work better by spraying it often.  Read the directions and follow them for best results.

Dumb Cat is the only product sold that works to remove cat urine and aid in scent confusion.  If you have used a 2/3 of a bottle you have used way too much product.  A bottle of product would treat twenty or more urine spots in a typical home.  The product contains over 300 billion digesters per gallon. 

Compare this to Nature's Miracle that has one million enzymes per gallon.  

Please follow our advice and you will succeed.  If you determine that the product failed then you return it to the place of purchase with your bottle and receipt.  We sell thousands of bottles per week and have very few failures when you follow our advice.  If you would like to talk with us, please send me your telephone number and the best time to call.  Again, we want you to solve your cat issues. 

QUESTION:  Hello I have a pretty bad problem I have no sense of smell until my apartment complex came in and noticed a slight urine smell (cat) I bought the uv light and noticed every 2-3 feet a urine spot that I didnt even know the cat was doing, they said clean it or they will evict me how do i use your product for such a big area I was thinking steam cleaning but I am unsure how thta would effect the enzyme in it please help? 

ANSWER:  First thing you need to do is outline all the spots with tiny pieces of paper while using a LED black light in the dark.  Then turn the lights on and saturate each area with plain water out of the tap.  If you have a turkey baster with a metal needle that can help getting the liquid under the carpet.  After each area is wet, you can then saturate the area with Dumb Cat.  You will not need to use that much per spot if you prewet the area with water.  Two to three ounces will likely do the trick.  Do not treat again with Dumb Cat for at least a week.  Do not be in a huge hurry for results.  Cat urine is the worst urine to remove and takes time for the bacteria to do their digesting.  

Do not clean with a steam cleaning machine until all the urine has been treated and our product has had time to work.  You can then top treat the carpet with Dumb Cat in a machine to remove residue.   You will not have to move as our product works for you issues.   

QUESTION: We plan to have new carpet laid. Under the old carpet is long-term dried urine markings from the previous owners. What can we do?

ANSWER: After the old carpet and pad have been removed you should treat the total area with our products before new padding is laid. Using a garden pest style sprayer, spray or pour Dumb Cat or Poop-Off Superior Stain & Odor Remover at a ratio of five parts water to one part product into the sprayer. Spray liberally all affected areas and do not wipe up. New padding can be laid over treated area. The longer you allow the liquid to work before laying a new pad, the more effective the digestion of the urine will be.

QUESTION: Hello. I have a sleeper sofa that is vinyl but the matteress, of course, is covered in material. I doused my sleeper sofa with Dumb Cat on Fri. evening and let it dry. (I wiped the vinyl parts with a paper towel after applying Dumb Cat but let the mattress part soak in.) Today (Sun.) it was dry but I still smelled urine in a few areas so I sprayed them again kind of lightly and after a 1/2 day it felt pretty dry so I closed up the sofa and will wait for the enzymes to work. Should I have not re-sprayed so soon? If so, what do I do now?  How long should it take before the odor goes away? Thank you. 

ANSWER:  Mattresses are made to absorb liquid and then wick it back up to the top after getting wet.  If Dumb Cat reaches the urine inside the mattress, it will eventually digest the urine and all smells will go away.  You should never re-spray Dumb Cat within three days to a week of initial application. 

Since you did re-spray, you need to wait for the product to stop eating the new enzymes presented and go back to digesting the urine.  If you need to moisten the area, only use water.   

You are feeling the top of the mattress and sofa for moisture.  The normal mattress barrier will make the top seem dry, when in reality under the barrier is padding that is saturated.  Just leave the area alone for a week and do a sniff test.  The way mattresses are made there is no guarantee that the liquid will reach the source of the odors. 

The bottom line is that Dumb Cat will digest urine if it comes in contact with urine.  The top of the mattress has sweat, oils and other matter and our product will remove them.  We make the most effective urine remover on the market.  Just give the product time to work. 

QUESTION: Upon the suggestion of the Petco manager, I tried the product because I have a foster male that won't stop spraying and urinating on my kitchen counter. I used almost the entire bottle in the same spot with no luck. He even sprayed on the bottle itself. That was bold. I'm at my wits end but will not stop fostering. Just need some help.  I have tried everything else imaginable before trying your product as I didn't know it existed. I can't give up!!!!  Please help.

ANSWER:  Fostering is good!  The problem is the cat is feral or just male.  If it was not taught to use a litter box at weaning, then you have to retrain it now.  Is means placing it in a room alone with a litter box, food, water and a scratch box.  When the cat only uses the litter box and not hard surfaces for at least a month, then you have solved most of your issues.  

Male cats will spray especially feral cat that have not been fixed. 

Dumb Cat is not a cure for behavioral issues.  It says on the bottle that it is a retraining aid.  It will get rid of the scent that gives scent confusion.  You spray it and leave it for a week or longer.  If the cat keeps going to the spot, then you have failed by not preventing the cat from having access to the place where Dumb Cat is working.  As it says on the bottle, no product works instantly.  

If you spray the bottle every day, it will fail.  If you spray the product every two or three days it will fail.  You can cover the spot sprayed with plastic, foil or anything else that prevents the cat access.  Petco knows the product works as long as the pet owner corrects the issues and changes the cats behavior while the liquid is getting rid of the urine or marking scents.  Letting the cat run free, especially a rescue cat that has no idea what it is doing wrong will make the product fail.

QUESTION: How do you remove urine odors and other pet problems in clothes caused by pet accidents?

ANSWER: Pre-spray clothes before placing in washing machine with regular detergent. You will find all the stains, odors and urine removed after the wash. For Cat urine or stains use Dumb Cat. For Dog related accidents, use AUF.

QUESTION: Our pet had an accident on our Mattress. It has soaked into the padding and left a yellow stain on the top of the Mattress. What do we do?

ANSWER: Use Dumb Cat to remove the urine inside the mattress from cat accidents. Use AUF for dog, small animal accidents inside the mattress. Both products will remove the yellow urine stains on top of the mattress. Unless the fabric is not color safe and discolors due to contact with urine, blood or other matter. Many manufacturers of mattresses use fabrics that will discolor when wet. Our products will not remove these fabric changes. Follow the directions on the bottle for best results. Some manufacturers use fabric that causes a wicking effect. The urine stains moves out from the center to make a ring. Mist the outer areas with our product and wipe with a wet clean rag to remove the ring effect. All our products come with a money back guarantee. For stains inside the padding pour a liberal amount of the product directly into the mattress from the top. Gravity will direct the liquid to the source of odors and stains. The problem will be eliminated as the liquid does it job.

QUESTION: I cannot get the dry powder urine treatment products to work. Why is that?

ANSWER: Dry powder urine treatment products only soak up the urine that is present at the sight of the accident. They cannot get below the padding where the force of gravity takes wet urine. The residue will always remain with dry powders as powders cannot pull out urine attached or dried to fibers or substrates. The padding and floors soak up urine or liquids and when they dry a permanent bond is made. All our liquid urine removers have a safe bacteria that digest organic matter and process it through their organisms to produce enzymes that continue the breakdown process. Eventually, nothing is left behind that can cause repeat stains or odors.

QUESTION: We have purchased and used enzyme liquid products like Nature's Miracle to remove pet stains and accidents with limited success. Why don't they work as promoted?

ANSWER: Enzymes alone just slice and are effective on only the organic compounds in animal urine that makes up about ten percent of a marking if it contains enough enzymes and depending on the type of enzyme is used within one hour of mixing. By the time you use most pre mixed with water enzyme-based cleaners, the product has lost its punch. Depending on the time allowed and amount of the product used on a stain or urine accidents will determine the effectiveness of the results. Keeping a urine stain wet for at least one-two weeks will allow the enzymes to work. Few people have the time or resources to keep the urine accidents moist. Because many of the enzyme products contain alcohol, they dry up very fast, preventing the enzymes from doing their job.

Stains will come out because of the Isopropyl alcohol and lead the user to believe it removed the urine. After a few weeks, the odors will return caused by the urine. The human nose will become accustomed to the smell and eventually not smell the odors. The problem is, others entering the home will smell immediately the melodious odors since the enzyme products did not do their job. Nearly all of the name brand stain and odor removers use a formula that is more than thirty years old. You can tell if it is an old formula by its ingredients. If it contains Isopropyl Alcohol, than it's the old formulation. Our private question we ask is, "If products like Nature's Miracle and Simple Solution work so well, why do you have to buy them over and over and over again?"

Beware of products that claim to remove urine, marking scent and odors in a simple two minute process like micro waving the liquid to activate its ingredients. Pouring these products into carpet then waiting two minutes to remove just is not enough time to correct the problem. It seems every new company on the market has to have a gimmick to sell their product. Okay since you want to compare Nature's Miracle to ours, I'll fill you in on the facts. Nature's Miracle is now owned by 8 n 1. They bought the Nature's Miracle name and not the formula or ingredients. Petastic from Venus Labs owns the Nature' Miracle original formula rights and now sells their product as the "Original Formula." The original formula is, waters, nature’s enzymes, Isopropyl Alcohol and citrus fragrance.

The original formula is nearly forty years old. The type of enzyme used is from research done and a type of enzyme from forty years ago. Not the latest in bacteria technology as found today in our products and others on the market. Isopropyl Alcohol is a class "B" poison. A commercial solvent that is also used for industrial cleaning. It is added to the above-mentioned formulas to prevent salmonella and as a help in boosting the cleaning power of the formula. Its main drawback is it’s dangerous even in its low concentration and dries out the liquid very quickly once it is poured out of the bottle. Does the formula work? Sure it does. If it didn't then How could it be on the market and grow to become the number one seller in the pet industry?

Test of time? It's like an Urban Myth. If it's told enough, than it must be true! Thirty five years ago the product was demonstrated to dissolve blood & ammonia in a tiny jar by the founder of Pet's and People. They called their product Nature's Miracle, made claims and sold it as a ready to use the product. Up to then all the products sold for urine removal was powders and concentrates. You had to mix with water and then use the product in your own bottle. So, the product gained a following and became a Pet product myth. It must work! Everybody sells it and raves how well it works. If it dissolves blood, then it must work on urine! That is what people believed and still believe.

Over the last thirty years carpet manufacturing has changed and today if you use a product containing Isopropyl Alcohol you can void your warranty. The stain and water resistant coating on carpets will come off with the use of Isopropyl Alcohol. Does anybody care? Since nearly all the pet store name brands use the above formula, nobody seems to care or know about this issue. Eight and One uses their proprietary formula in the new Nature's Miracle. It does contain Isopropyl Alcohol, because their formula is also from thirty years ago. Cheap to make and cheaper to sell. There are a billion suckers out there that will buy anything that has a guarantee and claims to work wonders. Our product uses the latest in bacteria’ technology.

Born February 2004! We paid a major university to formulate a blend of safe bacteria that would work on tough problems like dog urine and not void carpet or hard wood flooring warranties. It cost a few dimes more to make, but it blows the socks off the name brands and contains more digesters than the three name brands combined! Moreover it works so well, not even your relatives can smell urine in the home after its use. The name brands can never make that claim.

QUESTION: Our pet bird poops all over the house and cage. What can we use to remove the dried and fresh poop?

ANSWER: Get Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover. It works great everywhere the bird has pooped and will remove stains on clothing before the wash. Poop-Off has been tested to be safe when used with the bird in or outside the cage. It is non-toxic and biodegradable, certified salmonella free. Mildly scented and tested to be "gram-negative." Since 1996, Poop-Off has been used by zoo's, breeders bird stores and hundreds of thousands of bird owners daily to clean the worst bird messes. Many products that are designed to be used to clean bird cages contain harmful ingredients. Not safe to use with the bird inside the cage. Poop-Off was tested for three years before we went national with the product. It is so safe, and you can clean the inside of cages with the bird sitting on its perch. You do not need to rinse off the product. You can use plain water to rinse if you wish on a rag or spray bottle. Poop-Off is safe to use on wood flooring and fabrics. Do not soak the product, instead brush or spray and wipe the poop off.

QUESTION: We purchased a bottle of Doodisolve Dropping Remover and the website took us to your website. Do you make Doodisolve?

ANSWER: Doodisolve is a very poor copy of Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover. A Poop-Off customer liked the product so much, they admitted in a newspaper article (on file in our office) to have paid a janitorial grade chemical company to copy the product. Our recommendation is that now that you found the Poop-Off website you can order the safest product available for your feathered friend. We spent six years testing fragrances and ingredients before we found a formulation that is safe around all avian species. The Poop-Off scent is not used in Doodisolve. We own the web address. In the last four years, more than fifteen bird dropping and cage cleaners have made it to retail store shelves or on the internet and not one uses a scent or ingredients that are safe around all avian species and can be used with the bird inside its cage. This is why Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover is number one in sales.  (There are now over fifty copycat products claim to work like Poop-Off.  You can try and copy Poop-Off, but you can never copy it.)

QUESTION: Hello in regard to the following statement, why is orange oil harmful to birds? It’s used by a lot of bird people for cleaning cages and general cleaning as it is thought to be safe. Thank you. Poop-Off contains no-contents that have been found to be dangerous to birds such as chemicals, solvents, orange oil, detergent, citrus fragrances, alcohol or bleach.

ANSWER: Thanks for your inquiry. Commercial grade Orange oil (d'limonene) is made from the outer skin of a specially bred orange from South America. Its original purpose was to be a replacement for paint strippers and insecticides which are made from dangerous chemicals. Orange Oil will strip the wax off nearly everything, including the wax coating on bird beaks, feet and feathers. It makes a great insecticide because it removes the wax coating on the outer shell of mites and fleas. Around birds, the fine mist gets into a bird air passages and lungs and can cause serious problems. If you read the instructions from Canopy Scientific-Kent Marine on, they’re cage cleaner, it states it will strip the wax off floors and wood on furniture. You should never use Orange Oil cleaners with the bird in its cage. Before all the TV buzz by OxyClean and it's Kaboom orange cleaner, Orange oil used to be very inexpensive.

So, every chemical and cleaning products company got on the band wagon and started to use the product instead of solvent-based products. Because of EPA requirements, solvent costs have gone through the roof. But with the heavy advertising on TV for orange oil cleaning products, nearly every chemical company and many pet products companies, now make an orange oil based cleaner. To sell their products they make claims that have no foundation. Claiming that orange oil is safe and cleans like nothing else. We say "Bunk!" Yes, it does smell nice, and that’s one of the benefits from orange oil products.

As a straight use non solvent-based products, d-limonene can replace a wide variety of products, including mineral spirits, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers, and of course fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents. Boy, "It replaces some heavy duty industrial grade solvents." Birds’ are very sensitive creatures. The wrong scent can harm them or household cleaners that appear to be safe. Even Proctor and Gamble on their Fabreze website tell you not to use their product around birds. They know the fragrance and perhaps the ingredients, they use in Fabreze can be dangerous to birds. Yet, with all the knowledge about safety and the use of certain ingredients and the availability of Poop-Off, pet stores, bird stores and bird owners carry and use products because they're inexpensive to purchase or somebody told them they used a certain product and it worked great! We spent three years formulating Poop-Off and three years testing it with bird breeders, avian veterinarians and zoo's before we went national with our product. It does not contain anything that can be harmful to birds! The scent we use is safe around all species of birds and people. Poop-Off does not smell like oranges for a very good reason. I hope this answers your questions?

QUESTION: We plan to have our carpet cleaned. Can we use your products to pre-treat areas before the carpet cleaners arrive?

ANSWER: Yes, you can pre-treat the areas. Spray the appropriate product on stains or areas affected by urine or pet stains and odors. Most professional carpet cleaners use detergents to surface treat carpet. Their products will reactivate old urine accidents and set-in stains. Commonly called "wicking" the stains re-appear soon after carpets have been cleaned. Pour directly over serious stains our liquid and do not wipe up. Use at least three days before the carpets are to be cleaned. The spots should not reappear after the cleaning.

QUESTION: Our cat keeps marking its territory and will not use the litter box. We have tried everything and have no other ideas. What can we do?

ANSWER: Cats instinctively mark their territories. This same marking scent confuses the cat or kitten and they will stop using their litter box. Spray Dumb Cat Anti-Marking Spray on areas where the cat left their marking. Do not wipe up. The special ingredients inside the product will permanently remove the marking scent and the cat or kitten will return to the litter box. Use a Black light or your nose directly over carpet to find the smells where the animal urinated. Only Dumb Cat has been proven to work on the unique marking scent left behind in cat urine. "Whole Cat Journal" evaluated cat urine removing products and rated Dumb Cat a "Best Buy" and one of only two products that they found that worked to remove not only the cat urine, but also the odors left behind in carpet. Current cat owner research says that ninety-eight percent of all cat owners have this problem at one time or another. Cats will stop using their litter box for a number of reasons. First there are cat rules.

RULE NUMBER ONE: You must have one litter box for each cat in the house. Three cats, three litter boxes.

RULE NUMBER TWO: Use a different type of litter in the litter box or boxes. If one cat out of three does not use the litter box, then give them their own litter. When you bring home the new litter box or litter, place it in a bathroom or room that can be closed. Place the other two cats in another room until you set up your training room and find the problem cat. Fill the litter box with the problem cat in the training room. Place a bowl of water and food along with a towel or bed to sleep in and place a catnip toy in the new litter box training room. Play with the cat in the new litter box room. Now, leave the cat alone with its new litter box. Feed it and refill its water bowl for three days. Do not let it escape or let the other cats get into this temporary training room. Making sure the other two cats do not get into the new litter box room. If the cat has an accident, clean up the mess with only Dumb Cat Anti-Marking Remover. Do not scold the cat. Just clean up its mess and check to see if it has used the litter box. If after three days the cat does not use the litter box, then try a different litter. First remove all the litter and clean out the litter box. Go from clay litter to crystals or another type until you find a litter the cat will use. There are at least fifty brands of cat litter on the market, so you may have to try a few until you discover the magic cure for your one cat.

RULE NUMBER THREE: Spray everywhere the cat marked with Dumb Cat Anti-Marking Remover and let it do its stuff. If you do not remove the sticky mucous and pheromone, the cat will go back to marking outside the litter box.

RULE NUMBER FOUR: Buy a dozen mice traps. Set the trap to snap and place one inside a paper bag and seal the bag with a staple or tape. When the bag is hit the trap should release and make a popping noise. Place these bags all over the areas where the cats mark while the Dumb Cat liquid removes the scent. This will train the cat not to go in this area. Some folks sprinkle a little catnip inside the bag to attract the cat. You’re call as to whether you need the attractant. I find the cats instinctively go to the bag and soon learn to stay away.

RULE NUMBER FIVE: Be patient. Cats stop using their litter box for a reason. Our rules usually cure the problem. Health problems can also cause litter box problems, even if a cat doesn't necessarily appear sick. For this reason, it is important to check with your veterinarian first. Some medical problems that can result in this behavior include painful urination or bowel movements due to bladder infections or intestinal disorders. Because of the discomfort associated with eliminating, your cat may avoid the litter box and begin to seek other places, hoping to find a location where it does not hurt. Only a trip to the veterinarian for a thorough physical examination - which may include a urinalysis - can rule out a medical problem.

Animals also develop preferences about where they like to eliminate. These preferences may be established early in life, but they may also change overnight for reasons that we do not always understand. If your cat often reaches out and scratches the carpet after using the box, he may come to prefer the carpet to the litter box. Many cats seem to develop a preference for soft surfaces, such as piles of clothes or the bed, while others may prefer slick surfaces such as the bathtub or the kitchen sink. Cats with an outdoor history may prefer dirt or grass. To resolve a surface preference problem, the litter box needs to be made more like the textures your cat prefers for elimination. Likewise, the inappropriate places where your cat is soiling need to be made less attractive.

For example, for a soft-surface preference, try the fine-grained, clumping litters. If your cat has been using the bathtub, provide a slick surface in the litter box by placing very little, if any, litter in the box. If your cat has been outside, try generic potting soil in his litter box.

Contact us if this does not work and perhaps we will have other answers.

QUESTION: Our puppy keeps urinating all over the carpet and flooring. What can we do?

ANSWER: Puppies like kittens’ use their parent’s marking scent to find their way when lost. This marking scent is part of every urination. When the puppy has an accident, it sniffs for the scent left behind in its urine. You must remove this marking scent, otherwise the puppy will be confused. AUF was developed to permanently remove the unique marking scent and leave behind a deterrent that the puppy will not confuse with its marking scent. Basic enzyme products will remove the stains and some of the urine left behind, but they have no effect on the marking scent. AUF should be used on all puppy accidents. Use a Black light to find accidents, or use your nose directly over carpet. Apply AUF as needed. Follow the instructions on our website for housebreaking puppies. If you follow the steps, you will have a housebroken puppy and end the need to buy stain and odor removers.

QUESTION: Our older dog has gone blind and had an accident inside our house. Since then, it continues to have accidents. Any advice?

ANSWER: Use AUF over the areas where the dog had accidents. The special formulation will remove the scent that is confusing your dog. Since it is blind, it uses this scent to find where it is okay to urinate and fecate. Use a Black light to find old accidents or your nose directly over carpet. Professional carpet cleaning will only re-activate the old stains and odors. Treat with our product before having your carpets cleaned. On hard floors, spray the accidents and allow the product to air dry before wiping up the residue.

QUESTION: Our pets cage smells from urine. Any recommendations?

ANSWER: Try AUF, squirt a small amount in the cage as needed. It will remove stains and odors all around the house and anyplace your pet has had an accident. It works far better than powder or enzyme products and cost a lot less.

QUESTION: The birds in our neighborhood believe our car is their poop spot. How do we get the bird poop off the car? Much of it has dried hard as concrete.

ANSWER: You need Poop-Off Outdoor Multi-Use. Sray it on the bird poop and it will instantly melt the poop, so it can be safely wiped away. It will not harm the paint or glass on your car.

QUESTION: Our boat is a target for every seagull and pelican in our marina. I see you make an All Marine formula. How well does it work?

ANSWER: Poop-Off All Marine Bird Poop Remover was formulated to remove with ease all types of sea bird droppings and fish messes. It is stronger than our Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover and is formulated for marine type bird droppings.  You brush it or spray it onto droppings. Wait for it to soften the mess and remove it. In very hot weather we recommend you spray the droppings and cover the mess with a wet cloth. It can be a cloth wet with regular water or Poop-Off. Let it sit for at least thirty minutes and then the droppings are ready to remove. We tested the product in San Diego for three years. More than fifty boat owners used the product throughout the year and gave us feedback to improve the formula. The product is now being used all over the U.S. and the feedback we have been getting has proven to us.  We have a winner. 

QUESTION:  How do you use Poop-Off All Marine to remove bird droppings? 

ANSWER:  Poop-Off All Marine Instructions:

The product works best when used full strength.

Shake product before use.

Use in quart size spray bottle for treating small areas.  A plastic scrub brush is helpful with dried and fresh droppings.  Spray the droppings, then brush the dropping to create a liquified paste.  Rinse off with water.  Product is biodegradable and safe to flow into the ocean and lake or stream water.

Spray directly onto bird droppings, and the outer edge of bird dropping to allow liquid to penetrate into the bird droppings.

Allow product to remain on bird droppings until the user sees droppings dissolving.  Brush off or rinse off with water.  If droppings do not remove, wait a longer amount of time until the user determines the best time to rinse off.

On fabric spray bird droppings and allow to soften bird droppings.  The user must determine the amount of time to wait.  Bird droppings can be instantly dissolved and many droppings require an hour or more to soften the dropping to be easily removed.

On hard substrates spraying dried droppings may require an overnight process.  Spray dried droppings and then cover with a wet cloth.  In extreme heat this may be necessary to give the product time to dissolve droppings.  On teak and other sensitive materials where scrapping will damage substrate, patience is necessary to give the product time to release the bond to the substrate.  Keep wet cloth damp and repeat as necessary until dried droppings can be easily removed.

A garden type sprayer works well to apply product over a large area.  On docks, piers and sails a pump type sprayer will apply the product and will cover a large area.  In extreme heat, pre-spraying with water can help the product work into crevices of bird droppings to allow the product to work faster.

Seagull and other large sea birds bird droppings have two parts.  Like a over easy egg, there is a white outside and a dark colored middle.  When the middle dries, it is like caramel.  This will come off with the product only if the user sprays the entire area first, then removes the white outer area.  Sprays the caramel center and waits for the product to penetrate under the droppings and break the bond with the substrate.  The user must determine the time to wait as bird species vary and their droppings vary in how best to remove. 

QUESTION: Our holding tank smells after using the stuff we purchase at our marine supply store. What do you recommend?

ANSWER: Get Poop-Off Premium Potty Potion. It works great to control odors for a very long time. We added more that enzymes than the three leading brands combined. You use less of our product than the regular stuff sold by most RV and Marine suppliers. The bacterium in our product digests the worst organic matters and smelly stuff. You will be pleasantly satisfied.

QUESTION: Where can we find your products? Poop-Off Bird Poop Remover can be found at PETsMART carries Poop-Off Bird; as well as thousands of bird stores in the U.S., Canada and Britain. It is sold by plenty of folks on  Petstores are beginning to order our other products and its hit and miss as to who carries specific products. The problem lies with the distributor reps that work for Pet Distributors. If they have no motivation to put other products on store shelves, then the consumer has no chance of trying other products. Shelf space is also a big problem in most stores. New products sometimes never get a chance to prove their capabilities because of the old tried and true products that have been on the shelves for years. Only when the public asks for specific products, do store owners and buyers take notice. Or in Proctor and Gambles case, they spend millions of dollars advertising a new product and instantly it finds its way on store shelves. We offer all our products off our website. You will also find them available on more than seven hundred websites around the world.

QUESTION: I looked for an EPA number on your bottle. Don't you have to have an EPA number?

ANSWER: The United States EPA and now all the states require EPA numbers on products that meet the EPA requirements for registration. Any product that says it "Kills" is likely to be under the "Pesticides Act." Germicides and pesticides are under this regulation. Cleaning products and the ingredients we use are not required to be EPA registered. In fact, the law states that we are not required by law to list the ingredients on our packaging. This is voluntary. Since none of our products make any claims to killing anything, we do not need EPA numbers from any state. The EPA regulation for numbers is very interesting to study. A manufacturer is required to have the ingredients tested and fees are paid to the U.S. Government and individual states where the product is to be used. The EPA number is issued for specific applications and the labels must be approved before the product can be sold. This is where many companies go wrong. Sub manufacturers purchase EPA approved products and repackages the product and makes a new product. These new products also must fulfill the EPA and States requirements for the specific application the EPA Registration number was issued for.

New products get into trouble and huge fines are paid because the sub manufacturer did not get approval for their purpose before selling the product. The sub registration number may only be valid in some states because the main manufacturer only registered their use and number in those states. Anybody using, selling a non-registered product under State and Federal EPA jurisdiction is liable for fines by selling what are considered, "unregistered pesticides," or EPA Controlled products. In simple terms: A product that received an EPA registration for cleaning bacteria off dentures cleaned in a dentist office, cannot be repackaged and using the same EPA number, sold as a germicide to kill bird cage bacteria/germs.  The pet industry has no product oversight.  Only after governmental agencies fine stores, manufacturers do folks that bought these unregulated products learn about oversight.

QUESTION: How did you test Dumb Cat Anti-Marking to make sure it works?

ANSWER: We make Dumb Cat Anti-Marking and Cat Spray remover specifically for cat problems. It's funny, but it was Anti Icky Poo that got us into the market. In the very late eighties we were customm formulating and distributing pet products in the San Diego area when a manager of a pet store told me she was looking for a product that would get cats back to using the litter box. She and her customers had tried everything on the market at the time that guaranteed results, Nature's Miracle, Simple Solution, Anti Icky Poo, Odormute, etc. and none of these products worked. The cats continued to pee and poop outside the litter box. I told her to pull up the carpet where these products were used to see what was underneath and in every case there were mold and mildew.

Since all the products said to leave the area wet for two weeks this caused the mold and mildew under the carpet. At the time I was the distributor in pet stores for Mr. Max's, Anti Icky Poo from Lakeside, California where it was made. So, I took it personally that this product did not work. Mr. Max assured me that his product was the best and he had thousands of satisfied customers. He primarily sold his product to carpet cleaners that cleaned homes and a few pet groomers. I decided to do a test for myself and bought gallons upon gallons wholesale of all the name brand products I could purchase and poured them into unprinted white bottles, making sure to mark them with an ID to tell me what was inside the bottle.

I copied the specific instructions that each manufacturer used on a sheet of paper with the ID and then went to Vet's to find pet owners with problems that the vet could not solve. Cat owners that had cats or kittens that peed outside the litter box were given three bottles to test. One bottle was marked "A" another "B" and another "C.” They were given the instruction sheets and a postcard to return after three months. In all we had more than three hundred pet owners testing at one time. Then the results and comments on the cards started to be returned. Not one of the three bottles worked according to the answers on the postcards. Over and over again the pet owner stated that they tried the bottles of our new products and the pet still had the same behavior or the carpet smelled of urine. Depending on the problem, we then gave these folks a second set of bottles to try. Then a third set to test. After a year we had spent four thousand dollars on other stain and odor removing products and discovered what worked and what did not.

For, in all three bottles given was the same brand of product. "A" contained the same product as "B & C,” in each test. So, Nature's Miracle was in all three bottles, as was Anti Icky Poo and Simple Solution Etc. On the cards the customer was asked what product they used in the past, before the test. Surprisingly, many listed the same products they tested and claimed they worked better then the samples given by the Vet. Nature's Miracle customers claimed that it worked better than A, B and C. Even though, A, B and C contained Nature's Miracle. Simple Solution and Anti Icky Poo customers said it worked better than our test products.

I continued to sell Anti Icky Poo and over the year, the return bins in petstores would be filled with my bottles of Anti Icky Poo that I sold to the stores. Customers returned them, claiming the product did not work to their satisfaction. I would credit the store back for the returned product. Finally, I told Mr. Max that I could not continue to sell his product, since I found too many returns in stores. It was then that I decided to attempt to discover why all these products did not work. After three long years of testing, paying for bacteria and enzyme counts of the name brands, I learned what was the problem.

These products did not use the right type of enzyme or bacterium or have enough units/counts to do the job as promoted. They all used off the shelf enzymes and bacteria that did not target urine or related issues. And still to this day, all the companies still use the same technology in their products. They all make the same claims and have thousands of satisfied customers who will tell you how great their products work. And with the internet, they continue to get thousands of pet owners like yourself to promote their products and rate them the best at removing cat urine. Nature's Miracle using their same formula repackaged it as, "Just for Cats." The same thirty-year-old formulation with a new name. We learned from a distributor that they did this because, our product Dumb Cat was gaining momentum on the market.

Cat owners assume it is just for cats and swear at how well it works. Triple blind testing has proven that the Nature's Miracle product and the others really do not work at getting cats back to the litter box. Nor, according to the hundreds of pet owners that used them blindly, say they work to get rid of odors after three months. We then spent three years and thousands of dollars testing formulations to discover what was needed to make a product that did work. That is how Dumb Cat was formulated. We then gave blank bottles to Vets and did a year of testing with our formulation and waited for the post cards to arrive. The Vets were amazed when their pet owners came into their offices raving about the stuff. Their client’s cats went back to using the litter box within a week of use and have not gone back to the spot again or started in another spot. We then sold forty thousand bottles in a direct marketing campaign and waited to see how many bottles were returned by paying customers. In all three bottles were returned out of forty thousand sold. We then decided to go active with our sales to our pet products distributors.

QUESTION: How did you test to see if your products truly work?

ANSWER: The Study: Between 1990-2015 our company has run blind studies of the effectiveness of pet stain and odor products. Using actual products’ we re-bottled and labeled bottles and coded them so only we knew what product was inside the bottle.

We purchased from pet stores, grocery stores, hardware stores and janitorial suppliers bottles and refilled white quart bottles with these products. Replacing the type of dispensing cap as used by the manufacturer. Using a ten-digit code on each bottle did not allow the tester to know what product was inside the bottle. Some of the products tested were: Nature’s Miracle, Simple Solution, Anti-Icky-Poo, Advance Chemicals, Rug Doctor, Resolve, Odor Mute, Dumb Cat, Poop-Off, Bissell, Arm & Hammer, Complete, Oxy Fresh, Fresh ‘n Clean, Oxy Clean, Wee Wee, Wiz Out, PetsMart Brand, Odorz Out, Urine Off, Petastic and K.O.E., Pet owners were asked to enter the study if they had dogs or cats that failed to go outside too potty or use the litter box. Every pet owner was told that they were testing a new product developed to get their pet back to the proper spot to go potty. The goal of this test was to determine if the product two quarts they were given, would get the pet back to its proper place to go potty. The test did not study the stain and odor removing aspects of the product. Pet owners were given a form with questions and an envelope with a stamp and address attached to return the questionnaire to a Post Office Box. At the top of the form was the ten digit number showing what product they were using.

Not one of the over the counter name brand products worked. Not one pet owner reported that the name brand product they tested worked to stop accidents inside the home. Cats still urinated in corners of the home and dogs, puppies used the floor or carpet to pee and poop. All the claims made by the product companies on their bottles turned out to be false. The claims that pets would not return to pee and poop were found to be untrue. The name brands along with generic stores and janitorial brands failed also. Only two products received positive feedback on nearly all returned test forms. These products were Dumb Cat Anti-Marking and Cat Spray Remover and Poop-Off Superior Stain and Odor Remover. Form after form was filled out that the product worked. Cats returned to the litter box or outside and dogs stopped going potty in the home. Pet owners want products that work.

Nearly anything can remove stains from carpet and a few products can actually get out odors from urine. Pet owner’s report that what they really want are products that stop their pets from having accidents inside the home and car. We formulated our products for these needs. The only ingredient our products have in common with the name brands is “water.” The ingredients the name brands and professionals’ products use do-not work. Perhaps it is time the pet owner should be offered products that truly work!

Question:  How long should I wait before reapplying DumbCat?  According to your FAQ's, it seems to be five days, but descriptions of your product on other websites say to wait two weeks.  (I have a couple of very popular spots in my house that need more than one application.)  Also, if my cat urinates where I sprayed DumbCat within a day or two, before the smell was gone, do I leave it for the prescribed period, add more DumbCat, or remove what I can with the carpet extractor and start over?  Thanks!

Answer: Dumb Cat will work if it finds the urine and is allowed to digest the urine before new urine or product is reapplied.  If you let the cat in the area where you treated and it reapplies new urine, then the product will fail.  If you reapply Dumb Cat before it has had time to digest the urine, then it will fail.  One weeks is a good amount of time if the area is not so warm that all moisture is removed.  If heat is a problem, then you can add water to the area while the product is working to keep it in a moist environment.  If you use a carpet extractor vac that adds cleaners to the area, then the product will fail and you will have a larger area to treat.  If you are confused, then do nothing else and let our product work.  Keep the cat away from the area and retrain it to use the litter box or go outside.  Any cat that pee's in the house is not litter box or outside trained.

QUESTION:  What happened to Poop-Off Anywhere Wipes, Doobegone Habitat wipes and Quick Grab Car Wipes?

ANSWER: All wipe products are victims of the presidents tariffs.  They have been permanently discontinued.  If other products vanish from our site, it's likely the tariffs made them to expensive to manufacture.

QUESTION:  Do any products contain chemicals or drying agents?

ANSWER: None of Life's Great Products contain Zinc Chloride or fixing or drying agents. No products manufactured by LGP contain an ingredient that can create PeeCrete.

Question:  What are the facts on your new product "AUF?"

Answer:  We have a website for AUF.  Click on underlined link and learn all about AUF Animal Urine Formula:

QUESTION: Our company is a distributor of products. How can we buy your products directly?

ANSWER: Life's Great Products, LLC. sell its products in a number of ways. Just call us directly or e-mail for information if your question is not answered on our distributors info page.



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